The Georgia Accident Injury Treatment Center:



For over 20 years we have been providing first rate medical evaluation and treatment for accident injuries in Georgia.

Whether it is treating victims of auto, truck or motorcycle accidents or slip and fall injuries, our Chiropractic Centers are the premier accident injury care centers in the State of Georgia.


Specialist accident Doctors!

Our commitment to our patients is to provide them with the highest quality medical care available. Not all doctors work specifically with accident victims or those types of injuries; our doctors do. In fact, our statewide network of centers is comprised of a team of doctors, specialists in the field of injury treatment via chiropractic, neurology, orthopedic, and pain management.

accident Treatment centers All over Georgia!

Our network of treatment centers is spread throughout the state, ensuring that a specialist level of care is available near you! Check out our Location Page!

Same day appointments!

If you were recently hurt and are in pain, the last thing you want to do is wait for treatment. Contact us today – see a doctor today – get your treatment started today.

your accident injury exam and treatment may be FREE?!

Your medical care may not cost you! You may be entitled to a cash settlement to cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our doctors are experienced in working accident injuries, and working with your legal counsel, and can make sure that you receive the medical treatment and compensation due to you. Remember: Legal counsel, as well as the insurance company, will need to verify your injuries, which is handled expertly by our treatment centers. Contact 1-800-HURT911 to get a free evaluation of your case and find out your rights!

Transportation available for your exam and treatment!

We understand that you may have recently been in an accident, and your car may not be working because of it. Not to worry – we offer transportation to and from your appointments. Ask us about this service when you call.



Conditions from accident injuries

If you were in an car, motorcycle, commercial vehicle accident or a slip and fall, and have any of the following symptoms, contact us today!

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treatments provided for accident injuries

Georgia Injury Centers are a one-stop shop for your personal injury care. Our treatment centers are staffed with a team of specialists to maximize your physical recovery.

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